Biking in Firenze



It’s been a while… In case you’ve missed these fantastic things, and want to keep following the journey, click on the picture to go to my IG page and follow there.

Whose bikes were these anyway…

Happy Friday! Ciao!

On-Again, Off-Again: Heartache Addiction

not a date

On-again, off-again relationships — because, you’re addicted to heartache?

I’ll tell you what; change the status between you two to ‘friends with benefits’ and you’ll both benefit from something a bit more real. No shame. If you don’t get the first, second, or third time right, what makes you think a fourth+ will work? Plenty of fish, fiends, plenty of fish. Tell me a few stories that have ended well after so many on-and-offs and I’ll probably change my perspective.


Happy Women’s Day, Boys and Girls

women empowerment

Dear women: there is room for every woman to WIN. Support each other.

Men: we get a day to appreciate women’s contribution to society, and you celebrate it with us — how cool! But for the rest of the year, some of you, try to remember that without us, there is no you. 😉 Think about that

Our contributions are infinite. Happy Women’s Day!

Chris Christie’s Face

chris christie face

Unfortunately, Chris Christie, it appears to be so. But you’re not so good yourself, either, so you’ll be okay

Funny thing is that has pretty much been our faces since the day Donald Trump announced he was running — now you got to see it live on TV.