How I feel when I think of high school

Memories of the last high school I attended (for two years) make me puke. Oops. So, naturally, the last thing I’d want in the whole universe is a high school reunion considering that I went to the worst high school in the whole universe. Inner city schools, you know… They are unfortunately neglected.

I made friends, well, acquaintances, and some of them I still keep in touch with. But the overall experience was just a nightmare.

Do you have good or bad memories of high school?


One thought on “How I feel when I think of high school

  1. My first three years would probably make me vomit all over again. The last year wasn’t nearly as bad. But, it was still very, very sad…

    And, when the topic of reunions arises, I get rather angry, myself. I wish things were different and more pleasant like some reunion “movies” I have seen. But, unless my class suddenly turned into model citizens, I didn’t get the feeling they seriously wanted one or to see me again. I still fantasize about reunions like Halloween costume parties, though…


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