Naked and chained, her journey she begins. It’s a long way.


4 thoughts on “Shackled

  1. I am afraid to know what’s behind this piece…but it’s very good, miss dibujista terrible:P [That’s my Spanglish for ya.] That one could hang on a wall. ..with a lil fig leaf over her butt:P


  2. For 51 years I have going in a direction that I thought was “good” and “right” but am in the midst of a huge correction that I did not see coming. Well I guess I had hints aplenty if I would have paid attention to my own Soul. But that is what is now required of me. It is in a dry messy place I find myself (thus my interest in your art). It seems almost a relief in ways. Its horrible in others. But in my experience with the destruction comes creativity. I hope good things for you. I like the honesty in your art.


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