Feel the Pain

Put away the meds,
I want to feel the pain,
may her wish not be in vain.
I want to know just how much
life is willing to hurt me.


4 thoughts on “Feel the Pain

  1. Are you suggesting/saying here you use medication for some psychological condition/concern but would prefer to sideline the side-effects and altered mindset to express your true nature freely in art and know/control the “pain” with your own free will?


  2. A terrible drawer just hasn’t harnessed her/his potential or found their “range”, yet. What is simple or ugly to some impresses others. Yet, we may find rejection if we try to go pro. I think that’s what shuts ourselves down. Myself included. I don’t think I am a terrible drawer/artist until I find someone more successful/better:) But, while some think I am just a pessimist for putting my own work down, I prefer to think I am being honest about my skill level.

    ‘Trying to be optimistic, art should not be limited to a certain critique/standard. Not everyone is a Van Gogh or Michaelangelo. And, they don’t need to be to be an artist. Art begs for opinion. Everyone has one. And, no one says they’ll all be good or bad.


    1. 👏 Your words, my friend, are beautifully said. I agree with you 100%. Just being honest about my skills, but also agree that Art of course is subjective. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


      1. Maybe you and I should work together sometime. 🙂 I see you have a very elegant face that is deserving of “capturing” in art. And, I get the feeling you just haven’t unlocked your preferred medium, yet. You are a very green seed with the itch to grow. But, you are still very tender and undecided and could easily not grow creatively at all if not nurtured. Someone needs to water you a bit more and fertilize that spark.

        My skills aren’t as great as some say or as I’d like them to be. And, that makes me very mad/sad…but I feel, when it’s needed, my art will shine. When it won’t…it’s not the right place or time. But, even that upsets me. Especially when people tell me so. How dare anyone tell me it’s not the right time or place for me to feel inspired. It’s like telling a tree not to grow. We need trees, too. And, similarly, people need to learn to accept their imperfections instead of constantly buying products/paying to change themselves. There is some evil person/s profiting/benefiting from the fears of the masses.


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