Anywhere But Here

Doris Lessing once said that the conditions are always impossible — act now. But sometimes changing your current situation is a little more complicated. It’s one of those when you have to, unfortunately, depend on time. Leave it up to time and it may never happen. Life is a contradiction. It’s messy. And we’re somehow supposed to figure our way around it…’cause one’s got to live!

About the drawing; I have no f*cking clue what I sketched there. haha Just go with it…


One thought on “Anywhere But Here

  1. Yea, and while some of us struggle to figure it out, others are wasting our blood, sweat and tears to make machines to screw it all up ten times before sundown. So, just when we think we might have a clue, some stupid thing we call a fellow human being pulls the rug or spills crap on us we have to clean up or go down with.

    …Yea, what inspired that drawing?:P A bad dream? The fourth wall? Yo, Jobra. [“Community”]


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