Trick or Treat, Pardon My Teeth!

(Hope you like my failed attempt at rhyming.) Anyway, I’d much prefer a treat, please!
If Halloween — trick-or-treating and all the fun costumes stuff — was only meant for kids, I (and a million others) never got the memo.

Have a spooky, terrifying day! >’ )


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat, Pardon My Teeth!

  1. Adults handing out candy to kids is now a bit creepy to me. I don’t trust strangers at their doors any more than I did as a kid waiting for some magic bottle to open and pour big candy bars into my bag. Now, any stranger could be a trick instead of a treat. And, seeing my sis take her kids to get candy they can’t exactly enjoy…that just feels wrong.

    But, I still think kids should enjoy the day/season with kiddie fun/games. And, adults should get together for costume parties without requiring alcohol to make it all one more drunken blur of mishaps.

    Belated boo. Happy Halloween. Happy Costume Day. Feliz Dia de las Muertes. [Did I type that right?]

    And, what sort of treat would you like?:) And, what if you got a trick, instead? How would you react?


    1. I agree! Earth has become such a scary place to live, parents should be careful. As long as it is a fun trick, I’d be okay with that. And, you did type a correct sentence, but Feliz Día de los Muertos is better. 🙂


      1. Well, when you say Earth like that, you make me feel like an alien scrambling to find the next Mars. And, as I stated before and say many times, we are not in the right when we plan to seek out other planets for our foolish kind to occupy. All the alien movies we have been exposed to thus far are like mirrors of our own ill deeds. We should fear our own invasion of other worlds.

        Fun tricks are subject to opinion. What is fun to you may not be fun to me.

        I wasn’t sure if it was los or las. I’m a lil rusty. Lo siento. Estoy un poquito rusty…o. 😛


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