Feeling So Small

My head is as big as a planet,
But I know nothing at all.


One thought on “Feeling So Small

  1. And, you dyed your hair black?:P Or, is this a friend saying they have the big head?

    Is your head “big” because people convinced you that you were smart when you didn’t believe/know it to be true yourself? Or, do you have what some call an “inflated ego” and admit it? OR, are you saying you just have a big head (in relation to your body size) and feel not-so-good about that?

    I know you know more than nothing. But, I will admit some days…especially around family…and at work when the boss says I don’t know what I am doing/am doing something wrong…it feels like all my “smarts” are worthless. Nearly all my life people have said and told me I am smart. But, so far, my smarts don’t seem to be doing as much good as I’d like. Sometimes, knowing all that I think I do just gives me more grief. And, not knowing what others seem to know and work with so easily…makes me feel “retarded.”

    I also was a kid with an unusually big head (according to my peers).


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