Would You Like Tongue With That?

Inspired by an actual conversation with a friend. Not worth telling the whole story, but I tried to illustrate the main thought and this is the result. Trust me, I couldn’t stop laughing — not just because of the whole picture, but also because this dog that I created looks like he’s been hitting the gym. 😀
Also, it brought another picture to mind; people kissing dogs after that tongue’s been…places.
Okay, happy Sunday!

One thought on “Would You Like Tongue With That?

  1. I am afraid to know what you and this friend were doing…

    Yea, that’s why I am not fond of cats or dogs licking anything but my hand if need be. And, yet, they say–despite what they do with their tongues–they have the cleanest mouths. Or, was it some other species that holds this honor?

    Your dog may have worked out so hard that it lost its butt hole:P


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