Settling Down

My brother said this will be me one day — an 80-year old woman — and finally ready to settle. I disagree; I think I still won’t be interested. But, I pictured it and thought it was hilarious.


One thought on “Settling Down

  1. If that’s you, you’re my grandma!:P That’s a good portrait of her.

    What does being 80 have to do with settling down?? At 80, you’re bound to be settling down in a chair instead of dancing, perhaps. But, I’ve seen some 80-90 yr. old people play basketball on a cruise ship, so…

    So, what do you see for yourself in the future? And, in what regard? I am inclined to think he was referring to “relationship status”, and your “rejection” of the idea suggests/suggested you wanting to go on living “wild and free” from apartment to hotel room, bed to bed, so to speak until someone has to take you out in back and shoot you like Old Yeller. Which is how I suppose most of us might be if we used nature as our toilet and hunted what we ate. Except, there would be no guns (except in the hands of whatever species took man’s place at the “top” if there is one). Darwin would probably be giddy at the prospect.


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