Oh, Hello There, December?

You came too soon, but the show must go on!

How do you like that tree? (Everything I create seems to need to be fed.) 😀


One thought on “Oh, Hello There, December?

  1. I need sunglasses to look at your tree of all lights:P

    Maybe YOU need to be fed in some way, then. …I just shuddered a little.

    I have been saying to myself recently, doesn’t it seem unsettling how fast the last two-three months of the year pass? The year is like a roller coaster. It starts with a steep climb up the end of winter (if you start with winter)/January-March….then it evens out into winding curves through spring, summer and autumn. Particularly in summer, it slows to a crawl, letting us gaze at what others are doing off the ride. But, once the leaves and snow start falling (if you see snow and leaves falling), the ride takes a steep drop, and you can barely catch your breath before the holidays fly by in that tunnel of lights…and, suddenly, your back at the base of the steep hill….click, click, click, click…

    I like all the colors and the unusual tree topper:P Song book or novel?

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