If You Draw It, It Will Come

Everything you can imagine is real, they say. So let that imagination fly! 😀


8 thoughts on “If You Draw It, It Will Come

  1. And, of all things to imagine, you pick a never-ending bottle of wine? 😛 And, a sailor shirt?

    I’ve contemplated this philosophy. But, I am not sure my “fantasy pictures” have worked that way. Unless what I create takes place in the lives other people.


      1. I wasn’t sure you’d recognize it as one. I just thought about the stripes on the cuff a bit further.

        I sometimes see other people seemingly happy with things I invent/imagine and wonder…did I do that? And, should I be happy for them or jealous? When do the “balloons” fly my way?

        I wonder if I draw your picture with a fuller chest…will you magically be happy and change your blog handle “smallchested”?:P hehe


      2. Awkward…Well, it was an attempt at a playful joke. A failure, I guess:) Note: Never make light of a woman’s body unless she does it first with you standing next to her. And, even then, it’s dangerous territory.


      3. I can’t find a red face “emoji.”

        Yea, I know. I’m full of smarts I don’t properly use.

        I hope it’s not. It just struck me as a funny idea, considering your (past) train of thought and a coincidental trend in my artwork.


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