O Love, Where Art Thou

Searching for inspiration to start my Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Wouldn’t the greatest love story of all time do the trick?


3 thoughts on “O Love, Where Art Thou

  1. Nope. It probably would inject some negative emotions along with the good. [You are talking about Romeo and Juliet? That is not the greatest love story, by far. It’s just considered the “bible” of romantic fiction like Adam and Eve teaches people about deceit and greed/envy. But, both may teach so much more from different angles. I just can’t get into Shakespeare.]

    I got tired of making greeting cards for no one special. Maybe one day I’ll get in the groove, again. But, my thoughts seem to wander to where I am missing something/someone. And, not everyone appreciates the images my mind creates. Valentine’s might be the toughest. The world has more than enough sex.

    Perhaps, the best inspiration would be to re-think the classic icons of the holiday. Create new cupids and styles of hearts. There are infinite possibilities.


    1. A lot of people can’t get into Shakespeare. I don’t think I could anymore. Whatever I’ve read by him I did because of school. Well, last time I drew a cupid I killed him (it’s on this blog somewhere). But, I’ll try again for love’s sake. 🙂


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