V-Day Doodles

Working it for Love Day. And, yay; I found motivation, finally, that didn’t involve killing Cupid. Very lovey, if you ask me…

This peanut butter jelly sandwich is a bit cliché, but so cute! 🙂

By the way, I’m still trying to find a better way to make my little greeting cards official, so any tips would be appreciated. Gracias.


3 thoughts on “V-Day Doodles

  1. I’d say this tall, slim cupid (or another nearby) has pricked you with the awen arrow.

    I myself got a little creative boost recently…though it cost me my left thumb and index finger (when I got writer’s block and took time to play video games). I think someone above was trying to tell me to stop. Now, I am in recovery.

    You’re really lime-ing them up here. The jelly girl is practically blushing. 🙂 Very cute. I’d do the text a lil differently. But, the images are wonderful. I picture these on valentine coasters/laminated tile squares with heart-shaped cocktail napkins. Or, how about cocktail valentines at a…nah, I don’t think I want to mix Valentine’s with the bar scene. It just doesn’t feel right. Besides, I don’t drink. But, it’d be romantic/cute.


    1. Coasters – I like that! Some constructive criticism for once? 😀 And, what would you do “differently” with the text? A lot more can be done with both fonts and captions. This is just one option.


      1. Not everything needs to be criticism. I’d say it was a suggestion/idea.

        And, ouch? Now it sounds like all I do is carp/complain/pick on you.

        I just would have used different text. More uniform, bolder so it’s easier to read. Yet, retain that romantic curve/elegance. I also might have added a lil more “oomph” to the characters’ limbs. But, that’s just me.


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