Christian F*cking Grey

Okay, this is the most ridiculous thing ever. I’ve never gotten into a story — and into a fictional character — so much before. Pressured by society, and curiosity, I finally gave in; I bought me a digital copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. And all I can think about now is finishing the book…today.

You see, I have this untreated condition called extremely short attention span and, for something to really, really, REALLY grab my attention that quick…it’s something. I have books from, like, two years ago that I have yet to finish, for goodness sake, and I’m already on chapter 12 of this one. To me, that’s huge.

I hesitated to get it before because: 1) every woman in America (as far as I’m concerned) had read or wanted to read the book and I have this silly habit (stubbornness) of not desiring the common, even if it’s good; and 2) the reviews mentioned that the book was poorly written. I may not be a syntax genius, but I do like a good flow when I read. (I see now that the prose is okay — it’s actually not that terrible.). Besides, one must give her/his fellow writers a chance!

The real action — according to what I’ve heard — hasn’t even started. I mean, I’m not that far in yet, but I am already hooked. As in, sooo hooked. I can’t believe Christian Grey is so…ah, a work of fiction. Anyway, In case you don’t know, the story falls under the erotic romance genre, which is not exactly my thing, or perhaps I didn’t think it could be my thing(?). I’m just as fascinated with Christian Grey as much as Anastasia Steele is. I’m so into it I was reading it at the doctor’s office… (Not recommended.)

I hope to finish the book before this coming weekend, when the film comes out. I don’t want the movie to ruin my reader experience.

(That bike came out kinda nice, huh!) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Christian F*cking Grey

  1. In other words, like another lemming, you jumped off the cliff because a bunch of other lemmings pressured you to try it. Didn’t your mother ever warn you about jumping off the bridge everyone else did?:P

    I will admit some aspects of the story are tempting/intriguing. But, I know what’s ahead (from where you are reading). And, I am NOT interested in graphic, violent, excessive sexual content. My sister read all three books. She said the second one is rather graphic and pretty much pure sex. The series was fan fiction written with Twilight in mind. But, the author didn’t want to publish a Twilight-wannabe. So, she changed the vamp to a human and a few other details, like the foreign? male friend of Anastasia’s who technically would be Jacob, the werewolf, from the Twilight series.

    Just don’t let HIM get into your head. Or, you may come away bitten by the bug.

    Yea, I could have told you that. Why in the world would you bring such a story to the doctor’s office unless you have the hots for the doctor?:P Or, you’re going for one of those woman parts exams:P

    Yes, the bike cartoon came out nice. But, you drew the motion lines below the wheels in to different directions. Move the one in front back behind the wheel. I’m guessing Ana rides a bike to see Mr. Grey?


    1. Ha! You never disappoint. I wouldn’t put it that way. I guess I was curious to see what the fuss was all about, and I got hooked in the process. I am not a follower…at all. But, this story, I’m really enjoying. Had it been a Twilight story and I would’ve never read it. I’m not into that shit. 🙂 Thanks for the tip on the bike…LOL.


      1. Is that my gift? I never disappoint? Who knew. 🙂

        I don’t chase fuss, anymore. That ended when I turned fourteen. That’s when I started marching to my own drummer. Fuss got me into trouble and nightmares. Fuss gave me a deformed ribcage and scarred knuckles. I don’t need more of those.

        You may call Twilight shit, but your shit is another woman’s fantasy:P I am guessing something about this very abusive and sexual story appeals to some part of you…maybe a past life.

        You’re welcome. 😀


      2. Sounds like you chased very dangerous fuss!

        Sure he’s a control freak among other things, but the sex is consensual. It doesn’t promote a healthy relationship, but maybe that’s why the book isn’t in the ‘Self-improvement’ aisle.


      3. I didn’t anticipate the dangers. I was convinced to take risks that led to problems. And, when I took the fall, no one cared to help me up and tend my wounds. My parents thought I was faking/dramatizing. My class seemed to forget about me while I was on my back unable to breathe or speak. My neighbors kept playing while I floated out to sea.

        It’s consensual once he convinces her, the virgin, to bend to his personality. It’s a veiled form of manipulation, the very thing so many women complain men do to them. Yet, this movie appeals to them, anyway, because they cannot stop being “sheep.” It’s almost masochistic.

        I get a bad feeling, if the book/movie continues to get praised in the trending popular way things are going these days, it will have a negative effect on what’s already a messed-up relationship situation in our world. But, it’s just as likely this will blow over. And, ten years from now, Harry Potter, Fbook and Christian Grey will just be things parents murmur about around their kids who think the adults are just strange.


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