Dudes: Let’s Talk About Aiming

Dear men of the universe, how hard is it to take a good aim? While at it, please also tell us how hard it is to flush. F*ck fighting in the war; if I were president, I’d send every male 5 years old and up to mandatory Aim-Right classes.

Help us out here, fellas.


6 thoughts on “Dudes: Let’s Talk About Aiming

  1. I will explain this mystery. Sometimes when we pee, two or more streams come out at the same time, all pointing in opposite directions! The same thing peo ably happens to women, but you don’t know it, because you are sitting and can’t see!


  2. It is not just about aiming, it is about physics. Any flaccid object that changes in size and has a varying pressure behind the fluid being forced through it cannot have an accurate projection.

    The velocity, momentum and density of fluid will result in a situation whereby the point aimed for and the point of landing will have a constant level of variation
    The variation in tolerance +/- will on occasion have a larger margin.

    The changing flow rate and arc of the male urine stream can reflect underlying problems in the prostate.

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  3. It amazes me how the intelligent answers come out for the prettiest faces. Why couldn’t they just say they don’t apologize for missing?:P

    I like neurotic’s answer, minus the typo.

    But, in short, none of this needed to be put in a blog post. I’d have gladly explained the physics to you privately. 😛


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