Memorial Day Reminder

How about no more senseless, unnecessary deaths?

May all those who’ve paid the price of war rest in peace.

And, may we continue to enjoy our barbecues in the name of the dead? (So odd…)


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Reminder

  1. What’s odd is the discretion of not knowing all the ins and outs of why we go to war…if it is even war. I think the definition/understanding of war has changed over the years. Soon, war may just be some remote control playing flying into some country to blow things up. Isn’t that the equivalent of what happened on 9/11?…except there were people on the planes and in the towers. But, was that war? I get the feeling war is more about a slap in the face with a bigger and bigger glove than actually having two armies clash on a chessboard/battlefield.

    Senseless deaths? They’re all senseless when we don’t know what the real reason for them is. I think many who come back damaged, lost, confused…aren’t sure why they did what they did, either.

    So, I have a hard time with this holiday, too. And, if I neglect the troops who truly were doing good, I hope they accept my apology. But, I cannot support/fund the sport of people throwing themselves on a mine field. Nor can I support extreme sports enthusiasts who call themselves athletes just to watch the medical bills pile up. Haw haw; yeah! Do that again! The part where you throw yourself off that cliff with just a plastic bag for a parachute. That was cool. X-treeeeme! NOT!

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      1. Woops, it should say remote control PLANE in that first paragraph. What happened to my words there?

        Yay, she agreed with part of what I said…not all of it but part. 😛


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