Stop Making Stupid People Famous

stupid peopleRemember the old days, when people who became famous had done something remarkable in some way or had some sort of talent? Do we simply NOT give a shit about values anymore?

This post was inspired by Rolling Stone magazine’s recent cover. I mean, whaaat? Why?

The only thing I can think of is that these types of magazines can’t sell as much anymore and need to use shock value to drive traffic. (All you have to do is look at the covers of their last issues.) They get paid, everyone gets paid. Meanwhile, we’re stuck raising a generation that believes in fake big asses and breasts — and the making of sex videos — as a way to move ahead. Good going, idiots.

Dear future generations: I’m sorry; we f*cked up.


One thought on “Stop Making Stupid People Famous

  1. You mean like how there are so many award shows that dress designers should be running out of material soon and sending women to the awards in bath towels? And, just wait for the DUI reports to roll in from the after-parties. Viva la marijuana and lower restrictions on alcohol consumption. In other words, welcome humans to the reaping, your own personal population reduction project. I have no idea where I am ranting. 😛

    I think, since the push for “going paperless” standards have dropped on everything from proper spelling in print/professional pages to lame excuses for talent, fame, etc.


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