Soup Season is Every Season

pho soup

I’m the kind who would have a good bowl of soup any time, any season. It really is a bummer when I’m craving a soup and I go to a restaurant (because I’m no cook), look at the soup of the day and it says, “Gazpacho.”


That’s why I stick around Chinatown! Menus change according to the season, I get that, but some of us don’t mind the heat. đŸ˜‰

Soup lovers?

One thought on “Soup Season is Every Season

  1. If only Chinese restaurant soups were as appealing. I like their noodle variety. Just not the egg drop business.

    I can’t do hot soup on a hot day. Hot days are for cool foods, and wintery cold days are for hot foods.

    What kind of soup turns you into Princess Leia?:P


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