Moving Days and What Remains

moving out

It always happens on moving days. You can’t find matching socks. The box filled with memorabilia becomes your coffee table. And, the absolute worst-case scenario; you’re left with only two choices to drink your wine — plastic cup or a mug! Three choices, if the bottle is yours and yours only. In any case, try to avoid plastic. Or don’t. The move must go on.

First World problems, ladies and gentlemen…



4 thoughts on “Moving Days and What Remains

  1. I’d ask about this “new” moving day but am inclined to put my finger down as I suspect you live out of a suitcase like a rapidly touring rock star now. You’ve secretly booked a gig as a globetrotting cheerleader for hire, haven’t you? You just fly around and change uniforms for every show. Who needs furniture? And, I’ve had enough wine without drinking any. 😛


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