On-Again, Off-Again: Heartache Addiction

not a date

On-again, off-again relationships — because, you’re addicted to heartache?

I’ll tell you what; change the status between you two to ‘friends with benefits’ and you’ll both benefit from something a bit more real. No shame. If you don’t get the first, second, or third time right, what makes you think a fourth+ will work? Plenty of fish, fiends, plenty of fish. Tell me a few stories that have ended well after so many on-and-offs and I’ll probably change my perspective.


3 thoughts on “On-Again, Off-Again: Heartache Addiction

  1. Great piece, and very true. Funnily enough though, my girl friend and I went through a long period of on-and-off (I take full responsibly). Eventually I got my shit sorted and we’ve been “on” again for over four years.


    1. Good for you and your girlfriend! See, I’m sure there are a lot of love stories that would prove me wrong – I just personally don’t know any. Kudos to you for admitting your fault. 😉
      Best of luck!

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