Biking in Firenze



It’s been a while… In case you’ve missed these fantastic things, and want to keep following the journey, click on the picture to go to my IG page and follow there.

Whose bikes were these anyway…

Happy Friday! Ciao!

One thought on “Biking in Firenze

  1. I was wondering where the dancing blonde angel went. I figured you moved on to many other pastures as you circle the globe like a cloud, always leaving another shape in someone’s sky.

    I felt lousy for not being a better “follower.” And, I still cannot promise I’ll chase around the internet. But, I’ve been keeping you in my thoughts.

    Now, you are incorporating live photos with drawings? Interesting. But, what does it mean? Her/Your bike is chained? Your shirt is terrible? And, you can see through someone’s legs? Or, are you just pointing out your digital drawing skills (seeing as the person on the right DOES have semi-transparent legs and the bike is chained)?


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