I started the Story of a Terrible Drawer (SOATD) blog sometime ago, experimenting with “skills” I didn’t know I had. I’m still learning, still growing, still sharing… I love storytelling and will post my creations on my webpage ( Illustrated Sentiments ) and my IG page (SOATD ). Thank you, blogosphere, for all the love.

Miss Marcia

7 thoughts on “About

      1. Oh LOL, I am an artist cause I said I was…lucky I didn’t decide to call myself an astronaut…Just enjoy yourself 🙂 and thanks for the compliment 🙂 looking forward to more stuff. xx


  1. Yea, NOW you put up the book link/image. I first stumbled upon your other “blog nexus” which features the three tiny photos on top, including the “frizzy hair” you mentioned in a previous “terrible drawer” post and the sexy cat face paint one:) So, you have two books technically available for sale/download. I feel like a technically challenged older person…and flat-chested:P

    I think you are first discovering an artistic talent you didn’t realize you had and are simply “mocking” your talent/self in denial.


  2. I read your “House of Nothing” poem. But, I guess I don’t have the right membership thingy to comment there. So…

    It’s a lil rough around the rhyming edges, but I am practically purring from the little details. 🙂 Almost every one sounds nice. I was confused at first, not sure why a house of nothing would suddenly have so many things in it. But, I think the point is you need/want a clean start/”new canvas” to then fill with your heart’s desires. The house of nothing is a cry for tearing down some old atmosphere/wall around you. I know that feeling. I still want the wood floors, scented candles, clean toilet (and shower, bathtub), music to dance to (a small dance studio, perhaps), hot tub, passport ready to cruise, queen bed, beets and window/sliding doors for rainy days away from flooding. I’d also like land for two horses and someone to share the space and travels, and fruit trees/a garden to provide plenty of what we eat. As for the chalkboard wall, I think it would be cool–if I haven’t said it already–to have a room with one wall for chalk, one for cork/pegging clippings/notes/pictures, one for dry erase markers and one for painting murals, an artistic “oasis”/thinking space without all the fuss about cleanliness and propriety.

    I am not so sure about the scented stuff and makeup:P Nor am I sure anyone wants to see my bare “boobs”:P hehe And, now and then, the TV comes in handy, I’d think. But, yea, there’s a lot of crap going around.

    Now, if you could provide a saucer…er, glass of milk, some freshly made cookies and a rug…er, couch to curl up on, I’ll be putty in your hands:)


    1. Well thanks for exploring my other works. Are you an editor by any chance? It seems you always bring your “red pen.” 😀 If not your career, you should consider it. I’d hire your service, but I already get your critiques for free, sooo.. Anyway, the idea is clear, doesn’t have to be perfect.

      I have to agree that I am in a stage of discovery, a bit late(r) in my life, but Earth is still moving. And, yes, I did publish a couple of ebooks some time ago. It is my goal to keep writing and creating, even if they seem imperfect to some.



      1. I do have a potent red pen:P It comes from years of being corrected.

        I might be inclined to think you find me too critical, yourself. Yea… Funny. Point taken. In fact, I just withdrew my overly honest response to the question of being an editor.

        It was just my perspective on what I read. Not everyone will grasp the material the same way or as well. Just as you might critique my use of Spanish:)…when I (rarely) use it.

        I should just be glad you are responding.

        OOoooh, enough! I’ve said too much, again. Now, you’re sore. Great. No, now you will say you’re not sore, at all. I know the cycle.

        Don’t be a stranger, kitten.


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