Biking in Firenze



It’s been a while… In case you’ve missed these fantastic things, and want to keep following the journey, click on the picture to go to my IG page and follow there.

Whose bikes were these anyway…

Happy Friday! Ciao!

Raynaud’s: Frozen Toes and Fingers


When temperatures begin to drop, I like to spread the word about this weird, impairing and frustrating phenomenon: Raynaud’s. It doesn’t just cause discoloration; it cuts the circulation of blood to your arteries, numbing the areas and making them pretty much temporarily useless. This is why I’m constantly chasing the sun. 🙂

It may be the result of another condition, or it may not. Some people have it and don’t even know its name. I thought I’d spread the knowledge: Learn about Raynaud’s.


V-Day Doodles

Working it for Love Day. And, yay; I found motivation, finally, that didn’t involve killing Cupid. Very lovey, if you ask me…

This peanut butter jelly sandwich is a bit cliché, but so cute! 🙂

By the way, I’m still trying to find a better way to make my little greeting cards official, so any tips would be appreciated. Gracias.

Thank you

Look at that, eh — 100 likes! Well, 101 as I drew this 😛


Funny that a blog I started to mock my “extraordinary” drawing skills gets attention quicker than some of my my serious writing blogs. But c'est la vie! I like sketching — or whatever this is I'm doing.

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