Raynaud’s: Frozen Toes and Fingers


When temperatures begin to drop, I like to spread the word about this weird, impairing and frustrating phenomenon: Raynaud’s. It doesn’t just cause discoloration; it cuts the circulation of blood to your arteries, numbing the areas and making them pretty much temporarily useless. This is why I’m constantly chasing the sun. 🙂

It may be the result of another condition, or it may not. Some people have it and don’t even know its name. I thought I’d spread the knowledge: Learn about Raynaud’s.


Things Money Can Buy In 2015

IG likes

And my obsession with this new phenomenon continues. I mean, the student debt is enough to keep someone like me from spending money on artificial friends — I can’t even afford my real ones! >_<

Can you imagine people going around in real life, saying things like, “hey, if I give you $20, will you Like/follow me?” Oh, people do…

All these actions — paying for love, freedom, a new body — are personal choices, and it’s certainly nothing new. But, I wonder: does it make YOU happy, or are you merely seeking society’s approval? I doubt the goal is to please oneself.  Dalai Lama XIV allegedly said:

We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives.

Couldn’t agree more. Fooling oneself can’t be happiness. Find people who will love you for reals. Don’t be silly; if you did something wrong, karma will get you sooner or later. Learn how to age gracefully. Stop pleasing society. Use time and space wisely.

Portrait On Plate

I did something different the other day; I drew my nephew. He’s four years old and this looks like a teenager. ha ha. But it’s my first non-iPad drawing and, aside from the age, I think it came out okay. 😀

pitos project

Materials used: paper plate, regular paper to create the hair and eyebrows, googly eyes, and crayons.

Yay, I’m five again! So much fun.

Good night!