The dance was only the beginning, they soon learned.

Business Card?

I’m proud of this one. 😀 (Except for that “typewriter.”) My networks because, social media whore.

Do Whatever Makes You Happy

It's no secret that the rain inspires a lot of us. The sound of the raindrops hitting the concrete — or better yet, the roof — always makes me come out of wherever I've been hiding, with fresh, brand new ideas. Same happens with the shower. (What is it with water?) I need to move near water ASAP…


Partying for a Cause

I'm going to the Lifebeat 2013 MTV VMA Pre-Party concert in NYC tonight! It's exciting because just yesterday I found out that this is a concert to benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS. Lifebeat's mission is to educate America's youth about STD's prevention through art and music entertainment, which is awesome.

It is great to party, but even greater to party for a mission!

Anyone out there going to this?

An Apology


We are not perfect
Do you ever wonder why we’re holding on to this anger?
I haven’t forgotten why we’re fighting for
But I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth the trouble.

I want the you I used to know back
I’m not willing to forget, just willing to forgive
Or is it the other way around?

All I can think is how short life can be
This is pointless
We are not getting any younger; let’s pick up where we left off
Let’s start a new dance, let’s write a new song.

Do we want to get older and regret it for the rest of our lives?
So many what-ifs that I don’t want to try
But this I think is right

The thought that we may never be the same again kills me
Knowing that all that can save it is an apology
An apology won’t fix it all, but it will go a long way.