On-Again, Off-Again: Heartache Addiction

not a date

On-again, off-again relationships — because, you’re addicted to heartache?

I’ll tell you what; change the status between you two to ‘friends with benefits’ and you’ll both benefit from something a bit more real. No shame. If you don’t get the first, second, or third time right, what makes you think a fourth+ will work? Plenty of fish, fiends, plenty of fish. Tell me a few stories that have ended well after so many on-and-offs and I’ll probably change my perspective.


Chris Christie’s Face

chris christie face

Unfortunately, Chris Christie, it appears to be so. But you’re not so good yourself, either, so you’ll be okay

Funny thing is that has pretty much been our faces since the day Donald Trump announced he was running — now you got to see it live on TV.


Autumn Speaks

By the fire

To feel your flame fanning my feet. It’s these little moments for which I live. As long as I can do this, it is not so bad that the pages of my calendar have turned to October and the marble floors are a frozen sea. As long as I can do this, let that inevitable cycle go on again and again.

‘Long as I can turn on the heat.

Staring into a volcano; getting lost in my thoughts, wishing it didn’t burn to feel you so close. Like the rain, you make me find words in my head very deep. Our chemistry helps me breathe. Here, nothing matters. My Raynaud’s is forgotten. Just as pumpkin-cinnamon-apple-spice is a cliché, you are worth the repeat.

But I’ll run away. Unfortunately, sometimes, I’ll leave. Nothing’s perfect, you see. Though the moment equals infinity, your flame is short-lived. Promises should be eternal. I’ll be searching for the conditional warmth that your current brings across other unconditional seas.

Memories of Back-to-School

too school for cool

I only hated school twice in my life: the last year of high school and my last year(s) of college — both being absolute chronic cases of senioritis (self-diagnosed). Other than that, I was the nerd who couldn’t wait to put her new pencil to use. That might explain why I wasn’t appointed the cool girl in town. Past tense, okay? But in the end, it worked out just fine for me.

The race to be the coolest kid is still a thing, I believe, so I have some back-to-school words of advice for those who feel the pressure: School isn’t a kewwl contest but a learning center! Smart is the new cool, anyway. 😎

By the way, congratulations, parents, on getting back your freedom! So I hear…

Any cool school stories?


Instagram Logic

IG logic

Dear smart women of the world, it is easy to be consumed by this mess, but you should know best! Don’t let this insane culture of “Likes for likes” define your worth.

I’m on several social networks and I must say, thus far, Instagram makes no f*cking sense. I’ve concluded that it is for three types of people: attention-seeking self-absorbed reality TV personalities, legitimately big celebrities, and popular high school kids. Occasionally, you’ll see a commoner (LOL) with a big fan base. Don’t be fooled; apparently, followers and likes can be purchased! What the actual f… If you don’t believe me, you can ask rapper Mase.

Every social network seems to have a goal. Twitter, for example, has helped so many indies to get their work known. IG, however, is aimless. An ocean of selfies. A toy. It started out okay — a great tool for photographers and artists — but now it seems to be getting away from that idea.

Am I the only one who thinks so?


Coming Back From the Weekend Like…


Let me guess; you tried to say ‘no’ to the many shots offered over the weekend, but peer-pressure is the devil. Trust me, I know. 😀 But you do all you can to try and reverse the damage, right? For some, eliminating the toxic intakes is unrealistic. Moderation, moderation, moderation! I say lessen the effects with nature. Nature knows something we don’t about restoring the system.


Work. Party. Sleep. Detox. Repeat(?).

Soup Season is Every Season

pho soup

I’m the kind who would have a good bowl of soup any time, any season. It really is a bummer when I’m craving a soup and I go to a restaurant (because I’m no cook), look at the soup of the day and it says, “Gazpacho.”


That’s why I stick around Chinatown! Menus change according to the season, I get that, but some of us don’t mind the heat. 😉

Soup lovers?

Stop Making Stupid People Famous

stupid peopleRemember the old days, when people who became famous had done something remarkable in some way or had some sort of talent? Do we simply NOT give a shit about values anymore?

This post was inspired by Rolling Stone magazine’s recent cover. I mean, whaaat? Why?

The only thing I can think of is that these types of magazines can’t sell as much anymore and need to use shock value to drive traffic. (All you have to do is look at the covers of their last issues.) They get paid, everyone gets paid. Meanwhile, we’re stuck raising a generation that believes in fake big asses and breasts — and the making of sex videos — as a way to move ahead. Good going, idiots.

Dear future generations: I’m sorry; we f*cked up.