The Struggle

I guess some things in life aren’t really meant to be remembered/learned, ever? Living in the same place forever  and still unable to distinguish between the light and fan switch. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes. It’s the oddest thing!

NFL Super Bowl Finest Girls

So who do you think is going to kick ass tomorrow?? I created these tough girls for the occasion.

I’m not a football fan, but I randomly get in the spirit of things when they’re hyped too much. Randomly. Looking forward to Bruno Mars’ performance though!

Well, may your team win! 😉

The Seashore

This picture, I drew for my friend on her birthday yesterday. We have a couple of real pictures sitting by the seashore facing the ocean and they’re some of my favorite memories of us, so I thought I’d draw that image without looking at the actual image. Pretty accurate. 🙂 Okay, not to every detail, but the idea is. And she knew immediately what it was, so mission accomplished.

By the way, I think I might be getting better at this. 😉 Practice makes perfect…or close to it.

How to Spot An American Abroad

At least the young Americans that go study abroad in Europe, this is usually the first sign. ha ha! It’s like this country’s young generation’s favorite word or something. Totally overused. Using the word “like” that many times in a conversation, in combination with Oh my god, should be illegal.