Inquisitive People

They're everywhere in Spain. It must be a culture thing. I was having a conversation with a friend this particular time and an older man sitting next to us stared, then leaned closer to listen, and eventually joined the conversation. No shame on his part either.

We just laughed, and then laughed some more. What else can you do!

The New Cell Phone Holder

Breasts have always served a lot of purposes for women. It's amazing the things women can hide in their bras. But I was always weirded out by the idea that some women use their bras as a money holder among other things. And now we have cell phone holders?

Even if I could do that (haha), I wouldn't because, hello, germs?! I don't know — it just doesn't look too attractive.

I Come With Baggage

On my way to Spain.

On my way back from Spain.

I've been busy lately celebrating my birthday and other things. ­čÖé it's usually a month-long celebration. But I'm back, and next week I'm heading to Spain!

I wanted to show you all what I have to prepare for because, as much as I keep saying “This time I'll pack lightly,” it never works. This is pretty much what happens when I travel to and from Spain. I come back with more than I can carry and afford. I'm anticipating the same thing to happen this time (being realistic), so wish me luck!

¡Hasta luego!