Warm Stream

It comes at night and its warmth burns my eyes
as it falls it leaves a mark
when I no longer hear yours but my own breath.
Deep inside no one knows
what I’m feeling, this feeling
what I’m wishing, this wish,
if only it were a dream
wake up to new eyes.
At night when all is dark, I open my eyes
to nothing but a feeling,
the feel of a warm stream
coming down my eyes.


As they say; you were either a blessing or a lesson, so I am glad I met you. May you live an extraordinary life.


I hate this feeling
I know what it means.
It’s haunted me times before,
It overpowers me.

It’s bittersweet
It’s everything but what it needs to be.
The end is near, I feel it
I’m so bad at this.

An Apology


We are not perfect
Do you ever wonder why we’re holding on to this anger?
I haven’t forgotten why we’re fighting for
But I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth the trouble.

I want the you I used to know back
I’m not willing to forget, just willing to forgive
Or is it the other way around?

All I can think is how short life can be
This is pointless
We are not getting any younger; let’s pick up where we left off
Let’s start a new dance, let’s write a new song.

Do we want to get older and regret it for the rest of our lives?
So many what-ifs that I don’t want to try
But this I think is right

The thought that we may never be the same again kills me
Knowing that all that can save it is an apology
An apology won’t fix it all, but it will go a long way.



What makes you a sad Santa?

This is a very random thought. Sometimes, some people just can't wait until Christmas again!
How about this other thought?

In that bedroom scene, Emma Thompson communicates the agony that she's feeling (or what her character is feeling) flawlessly. I just wanted to strangle her idiot husband. LOL. If you've ever watched the movie Love Actually, you know what I mean.