Cuba Libre, At Last?

cuba and us

Because, what are we fighting for? (Rhetorical question)

I’m just a fan of peace, people. I just want P E A C E ! Plus, even though I wouldn’t have had a problem, I’m dying to visit Cuba under normal circumstances. ­čśŤ

┬íV├ímonos pa’ Cuba!


The Seashore

This picture, I drew for my friend on her birthday yesterday. We have a couple of real pictures sitting by the seashore facing the ocean and they’re some of my favorite memories of us, so I thought I’d draw that image without looking at the actual image. Pretty accurate. ­čÖé Okay, not to every detail, but the idea is. And she knew immediately what it was, so mission accomplished.

By the way, I think I might be getting better at this. ­čśë Practice makes perfect…or close to it.

Terrible Book Design

Me, designing my own book cover so that the photographer has an idea. Can you tell what's going on here? Ha ha. I wouldn't know either. It's just one idea anyway. (Still working on it.)

Choosing a book cover can be so hard when you're clueless, by the way! It has to be so many things, it's exhausting. Good luck to all of us self-publishers!

Are we setting the bar too high?

Do the perfect friends even exist?

Here’s a million questions with no answers:

Everybody’s got flaws. I mean, we’re not perfect, why should we be demanding perfection? Is it better to settle for an imperfect friend than no friend? Do we think this way because we’ve become conformists, or is it realists? How do we even deal with the concept of “good” friendships? When is a friend crossing the line? (I think I know the answer to that one.) Should they be allowed in our lives once they cross the line?

Here’s what I think: find the balance. (Deep, huh?) I really don’t know. I’m just another human being trying to go with the flow. Life can be so heavy.

PS – that’s a plane, not a whale. Ha!

Despite it All

Despite your insensitivity,
Despite your blatant pride,
Despite your disregard for people’s feelings,
Despite your incapability to admit your faults,
Despite your genuine belief that the world should bow to you,
Despite the backstabbing,
Despite it all,
I miss us.