Happy Women’s Day, Boys and Girls

women empowerment

Dear women: there is room for every woman to WIN. Support each other.

Men: we get a day to appreciate women’s contribution to society, and you celebrate it with us — how cool! But for the rest of the year, some of you, try to remember that without us, there is no you. 😉 Think about that

Our contributions are infinite. Happy Women’s Day!

Girls: It’s Your Night

ladies night

Life is not a piece of cake. Don’t forget to have a little fun!

By the way, if I may suggest a funny movie, go see Trainwreck. The princess bullshit movies and related films shaming female sexuality got old. Amy Schumer is one of the various writers and comediennes out there bringing the raw story to the big screen. I’m loving it. You’ll love it, too.

Stay powerful, ladies!