On-Again, Off-Again: Heartache Addiction

not a date

On-again, off-again relationships — because, you’re addicted to heartache?

I’ll tell you what; change the status between you two to ‘friends with benefits’ and you’ll both benefit from something a bit more real. No shame. If you don’t get the first, second, or third time right, what makes you think a fourth+ will work? Plenty of fish, fiends, plenty of fish. Tell me a few stories that have ended well after so many on-and-offs and I’ll probably change my perspective.


Happy Women’s Day, Boys and Girls

women empowerment

Dear women: there is room for every woman to WIN. Support each other.

Men: we get a day to appreciate women’s contribution to society, and you celebrate it with us — how cool! But for the rest of the year, some of you, try to remember that without us, there is no you. 😉 Think about that

Our contributions are infinite. Happy Women’s Day!