What is Rest?

restless soul

This one’s for the restless souls who can’t sit still…

I’m right there with ya.

Slow down, recharge, get some rest.



Next Stop, Brooklyn

Next stop Brooklyn

Little Miss Perfect
Sitting at the train stop
Red Nike high tops
Listening to hip-hop.
While we were waiting
Started conversating
Before I got her name
Along came a train;

Next stop, Brooklyn.

~Bruno Mars

We See You, Pluto!

pluto flyby

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.
–Stephen Hawking

Be curious!

On a side note, all these planets and I’m stuck on Earth… 😛 Restore my faith, humans!

No Couch Potato

Not all girls are created equal. Netflix and pizza can stay the hell away from this one.

These two items have been made into all sorts of praising memes as something girls “can’t live without”?

Do girls really like pizza that much or are they just going with what’s trending? Not even in my worst of PMS experiences have I ever wanted to sit on my couch with a bucket of ice cream and greasy pizza, watching movie after movie that don’t even load right. I do like movies, but Netflix sucks! A few people I know have it and the thing freezes quite a lot.

No pizza lover either, but I’ll settle for some other goodies, like cookies and tea, and a marathon of informational programs on VICE TV.


Favorite Summer Treat

ritas water ice

It’s the only reason I look forward to summer. Okay, one of them.

I should mention, I’ve been using the Paper Fifty Three app for about three years and I’m just now figuring out background colors and other little things. I don’t think they always had that option, did they? If so, I really need to start paying attention to instructions…

Have a good night / afternoon / morning.