Do They, Or Don’t They?

big girlsAnd I don’t care if I don’t look pretty
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.

It’s time to be a big girl now
And big girls don’t cry.

One of these can’t be right. Which one do you believe?

(I love Sia’s song! Shhh)

No Couch Potato

Not all girls are created equal. Netflix and pizza can stay the hell away from this one.

These two items have been made into all sorts of praising memes as something girls “can’t live without”?

Do girls really like pizza that much or are they just going with what’s trending? Not even in my worst of PMS experiences have I ever wanted to sit on my couch with a bucket of ice cream and greasy pizza, watching movie after movie that don’t even load right. I do like movies, but Netflix sucks! A few people I know have it and the thing freezes quite a lot.

No pizza lover either, but I’ll settle for some other goodies, like cookies and tea, and a marathon of informational programs on VICE TV.


Midnight Girl

Trying new things, testing my skills… I’m starting to think that my hands and my brain didn’t know each other all these years. I think they’ve finally met.

Portrait On Plate

I did something different the other day; I drew my nephew. He’s four years old and this looks like a teenager. ha ha. But it’s my first non-iPad drawing and, aside from the age, I think it came out okay. 😀

pitos project

Materials used: paper plate, regular paper to create the hair and eyebrows, googly eyes, and crayons.

Yay, I’m five again! So much fun.

Good night!