Do They, Or Don’t They?

big girlsAnd I don’t care if I don’t look pretty
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.

It’s time to be a big girl now
And big girls don’t cry.

One of these can’t be right. Which one do you believe?

(I love Sia’s song! Shhh)

The Way You Work It

me quemas

No diggity! Actually, inspired by a different song that I hadn’t heard in forever and I’m addicted again. It’s called Me Haces Tanto Bien by Amistades Peligrosas (in Spanish, obviously). Here’s a bit of it:

Enséñame a bajar tu cremallera
ya sabes donde voy,
ya sabes que he pasado la frontera
arrancando algún botón,
que tú ya sabes que te pido más madera
y tú pides más nivel,
ya sabes como mantener la hoguera
ya sabes como sabe ya mi piel.

Tú me quemas con la punta de tus dedos
tus manos hacen llagas en mi piel
me abraso con tu lengua que es de fuego
la sangre hierve, o no lo ves?
que tú ya sabes que me tienes cuando quieras
ya sabes como soy
ya sabes que me entra la primera
ahora me sale algo mejor
me haces tanto bien…

Look it up if you like — it’s pretty freaking sexy!

Do Whatever Makes You Happy

It's no secret that the rain inspires a lot of us. The sound of the raindrops hitting the concrete — or better yet, the roof — always makes me come out of wherever I've been hiding, with fresh, brand new ideas. Same happens with the shower. (What is it with water?) I need to move near water ASAP…


Partying for a Cause

I'm going to the Lifebeat 2013 MTV VMA Pre-Party concert in NYC tonight! It's exciting because just yesterday I found out that this is a concert to benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS. Lifebeat's mission is to educate America's youth about STD's prevention through art and music entertainment, which is awesome.

It is great to party, but even greater to party for a mission!

Anyone out there going to this?