If I Had More Alone Time

If I had more alone time, I’d have more time to create more terrible doodles, to write more stories, more poetry, such as this short story; the story of how I’m unable to tell more stories.

So, you see, solitude isn’t all that bad — and learning how to prioritize doesn’t hurt either.

The Seashore

This picture, I drew for my friend on her birthday yesterday. We have a couple of real pictures sitting by the seashore facing the ocean and they’re some of my favorite memories of us, so I thought I’d draw that image without looking at the actual image. Pretty accurate. 🙂 Okay, not to every detail, but the idea is. And she knew immediately what it was, so mission accomplished.

By the way, I think I might be getting better at this. 😉 Practice makes perfect…or close to it.

How to catch a boyfriend

For me it should actually read how to catch a “Chris” – my boyfriend. There must be a perfectly mixed Manhattan, green tea, food, sports and a computer with speedy access to Youtube or Facebook. I should've referenced movies, too, but can only fit the very essentials under a box!