Autumn Speaks

By the fire

To feel your flame fanning my feet. It’s these little moments for which I live. As long as I can do this, it is not so bad that the pages of my calendar have turned to October and the marble floors are a frozen sea. As long as I can do this, let that inevitable cycle go on again and again.

‘Long as I can turn on the heat.

Staring into a volcano; getting lost in my thoughts, wishing it didn’t burn to feel you so close. Like the rain, you make me find words in my head very deep. Our chemistry helps me breathe. Here, nothing matters. My Raynaud’s is forgotten. Just as pumpkin-cinnamon-apple-spice is a cliché, you are worth the repeat.

But I’ll run away. Unfortunately, sometimes, I’ll leave. Nothing’s perfect, you see. Though the moment equals infinity, your flame is short-lived. Promises should be eternal. I’ll be searching for the conditional warmth that your current brings across other unconditional seas.

Brick by Brick

put up a wall

Walls. Sometimes, by locking everyone out, you get locked in. Walls so high it’s hard to breathe. Can’t be brought down that easily. It will require an army — or maybe simply the undoing of the wrong-doing by those who made them go up.

Do They, Or Don’t They?

big girlsAnd I don’t care if I don’t look pretty
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.

It’s time to be a big girl now
And big girls don’t cry.

One of these can’t be right. Which one do you believe?

(I love Sia’s song! Shhh)

Deep Blue Nights

deep blue night

Her nights are blue, but not just any blue;
it is the darkest of all hues.

By her bedside she keeps her booze,
drowning her sorrows, awaking the muse.

Don’t judge so soon ’cause you would, too,
if you walked a mile in her shoes.