Three Kings On Their Way

¡Feliz Día de Reyes! / Happy Three Kings Day to those who celebrate! This was actually my tradition as a little girl, not Santa Claus, so I’m still trying to keep it sort of alive. Just a little bit. I mean, it was cute and exciting waiting for the presents from these “kings”! 😀

H A P P Y * N E W * Y E A R !

Just realized that I haven’t been on here since. Hope the new year brings everything you wished for.

And here’s the final edit of the 3 Kings illustration:

How is it?

Enjoy your day!

Trick or Treat, Pardon My Teeth!

(Hope you like my failed attempt at rhyming.) Anyway, I’d much prefer a treat, please!
If Halloween — trick-or-treating and all the fun costumes stuff — was only meant for kids, I (and a million others) never got the memo.

Have a spooky, terrifying day! >’ )

NFL Super Bowl Finest Girls

So who do you think is going to kick ass tomorrow?? I created these tough girls for the occasion.

I’m not a football fan, but I randomly get in the spirit of things when they’re hyped too much. Randomly. Looking forward to Bruno Mars’ performance though!

Well, may your team win! 😉

Heart for Sale

Wounded heart for sale.
It’s stopped believing,
but it’s still huge and caring.
May fall in love easily,
but at times is incapable of loving.
It is wounded and it aches,
but still beating.
Fragile: please treat with care.

Human Hanger

Sometimes I wonder what would've happened if I had succeeded at pursuing a modeling career. They would've turned me into a (nonetheless fabulous) human hanger, and then…is that all there is?

An Apology


We are not perfect
Do you ever wonder why we’re holding on to this anger?
I haven’t forgotten why we’re fighting for
But I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth the trouble.

I want the you I used to know back
I’m not willing to forget, just willing to forgive
Or is it the other way around?

All I can think is how short life can be
This is pointless
We are not getting any younger; let’s pick up where we left off
Let’s start a new dance, let’s write a new song.

Do we want to get older and regret it for the rest of our lives?
So many what-ifs that I don’t want to try
But this I think is right

The thought that we may never be the same again kills me
Knowing that all that can save it is an apology
An apology won’t fix it all, but it will go a long way.