Girls: It’s Your Night

ladies night

Life is not a piece of cake. Don’t forget to have a little fun!

By the way, if I may suggest a funny movie, go see Trainwreck. The princess bullshit movies and related films shaming female sexuality got old. Amy Schumer is one of the various writers and comediennes out there bringing the raw story to the big screen. I’m loving it. You’ll love it, too.

Stay powerful, ladies!

Would You Like Tongue With That?

Inspired by an actual conversation with a friend. Not worth telling the whole story, but I tried to illustrate the main thought and this is the result. Trust me, I couldn’t stop laughing — not just because of the whole picture, but also because this dog that I created looks like he’s been hitting the gym. 😀
Also, it brought another picture to mind; people kissing dogs after that tongue’s been…places.
Okay, happy Sunday!

Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted

Yup, it’s been done.

Okay, here’s the thing. I feel like I took that challenge already when, a couple of weeks or so ago, while sitting outdoor at a restaurant, a glass of iced cold water (with actual ice) was dumped on me by accident. Luckily it was a sunny day and I was wearing black. What’s funny is that, and I wasn’t even thinking about it, a woman sitting next to me laughingly kind of shouted, “The ice bucket challenge!”

And I remembered.

I was like, Ah! That’s it; I just read about this on Mashable and here I am, doing it myself. 😀 In all seriousness, whatever helps raise awareness of any serious condition, it’s a great cause. I was actually one of the people (maybe living under a rock) who wasn’t aware of ALS. So, see? It helps! Take the challenge (and try NOT to get bucket-hurt!) and donate if you can.

Have a good night, amigos.