Things Money Can Buy In 2015

IG likes

And my obsession with this new phenomenon continues. I mean, the student debt is enough to keep someone like me from spending money on artificial friends — I can’t even afford my real ones! >_<

Can you imagine people going around in real life, saying things like, “hey, if I give you $20, will you Like/follow me?” Oh, people do…

All these actions — paying for love, freedom, a new body — are personal choices, and it’s certainly nothing new. But, I wonder: does it make YOU happy, or are you merely seeking society’s approval? I doubt the goal is to please oneself.  Dalai Lama XIV allegedly said:

We are visitors on this planet. We are here for one hundred years at the very most. During that period we must try to do something good, something useful, with our lives.

Couldn’t agree more. Fooling oneself can’t be happiness. Find people who will love you for reals. Don’t be silly; if you did something wrong, karma will get you sooner or later. Learn how to age gracefully. Stop pleasing society. Use time and space wisely.

Instagram Logic

IG logic

Dear smart women of the world, it is easy to be consumed by this mess, but you should know best! Don’t let this insane culture of “Likes for likes” define your worth.

I’m on several social networks and I must say, thus far, Instagram makes no f*cking sense. I’ve concluded that it is for three types of people: attention-seeking self-absorbed reality TV personalities, legitimately big celebrities, and popular high school kids. Occasionally, you’ll see a commoner (LOL) with a big fan base. Don’t be fooled; apparently, followers and likes can be purchased! What the actual f… If you don’t believe me, you can ask rapper Mase.

Every social network seems to have a goal. Twitter, for example, has helped so many indies to get their work known. IG, however, is aimless. An ocean of selfies. A toy. It started out okay — a great tool for photographers and artists — but now it seems to be getting away from that idea.

Am I the only one who thinks so?


You Must Be So Fancy

This whole Instagram and Twitter thing — especially IG — turns more into a hilarious telenovela every day. Some people accumulate (or buy?) enough followers and then think they’re celebrities of some sort. Hence, too good to follow back others with same interests.

I like to interact with and follow people online with whom I have things in common, such as poets, writers, dancers, artists, fashionistas…alcoholics (just kidding on that last one, though I do love wine). The point is, it is always nice when the feeling is mutual. And I don’t even mind if certain people — whose work I may really like — don’t follow me back. I’d stalk their sh*t regardless. However, if I get the sense that the person is just trying to get a bunch of follows to appear “popular” online, then I immediately lose interest. Immediately.

All I’m going to say about that is, remember Myspace? It’s all a passing trend, folks. Stay focused on your brand and stay humble.


Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted

Yup, it’s been done.

Okay, here’s the thing. I feel like I took that challenge already when, a couple of weeks or so ago, while sitting outdoor at a restaurant, a glass of iced cold water (with actual ice) was dumped on me by accident. Luckily it was a sunny day and I was wearing black. What’s funny is that, and I wasn’t even thinking about it, a woman sitting next to me laughingly kind of shouted, “The ice bucket challenge!”

And I remembered.

I was like, Ah! That’s it; I just read about this on Mashable and here I am, doing it myself. 😀 In all seriousness, whatever helps raise awareness of any serious condition, it’s a great cause. I was actually one of the people (maybe living under a rock) who wasn’t aware of ALS. So, see? It helps! Take the challenge (and try NOT to get bucket-hurt!) and donate if you can.

Have a good night, amigos.