How to Spot An American Abroad

At least the young Americans that go study abroad in Europe, this is usually the first sign. ha ha! It’s like this country’s young generation’s favorite word or something. Totally overused. Using the word “like” that many times in a conversation, in combination with Oh my god, should be illegal.

Spanish Ladies Be Like…

Ooh, time to clean the toilet and take the trash out! Do I look hot enough?

Haha! It is basically my culture, but I find it interesting. Spanish women (from Spain) and Latinas share almost all of the same bizarre beliefs about beauty and are crazy about appearance. Of course, it's not all of us. But for the most part that's the way it's always been. The ladies I saw cleaning hospital rooms the other day, first thing in the morning, had their hair done and wore really neat makeup. Impressive, considering how time-consuming and exhausting the beauty process can be.

Every time I'm in Spain I am reminded of this obsession to remain beautiful under all circumstances and I'm just fascinated by it.