Like last night

I could hold your hand
while you kiss my face
Slowly giving in
to temptation.

Like last night,
you could come over
and steal a kiss.
Forget about the world;
just you and me.

Make it sweet,
make it worthwhile.
Two bodies in flame,
could be a while.

Touch you again and
kiss passionately
through the night.
Won’t you make me feel right,
like last night?

Despite it All

Despite your insensitivity,
Despite your blatant pride,
Despite your disregard for people’s feelings,
Despite your incapability to admit your faults,
Despite your genuine belief that the world should bow to you,
Despite the backstabbing,
Despite it all,
I miss us.

A Distinctive Smell

You ever smell something that tells a story? We all know scents can take us back to places and people with just a sniff. Wawa has that effect. It reminds me that I'm probably out late night grabbing a snack, using the ATM or getting some Gatorade to help my state of dehydration caused by the (totally unnecessary) alcohol overload. (Great hangover helper, by the way.)

In case you don't know, Wawa is a chain of convenience food stores along the East Coast and they're usually open 24/7. How's that for convenience!

The distinctive smell of Wawa also reminds me that, by the time I leave the store, I'm going to need to wash my coffee-donut-bacon-scented hair.