North East to South East

northeast to southeast

Summer and winter in one day.

I was bored on the plane and not looking forward to this bitterness again. If you’ve been following my blog, by my drawings you can probably tell I’m not the biggest fan of cold weather. Oh well, March is here! We’re getting closer. 🙂


Pushing people away? It may have a little something to do with the fear of getting hurt. It may have something to do with expectations. In that case, maybe if we stopped expecting everyone to be perfect, we could love and allow to be loved. Love people for who they are, maybe?

If only it were that simple though. As one line the character Aibileen says in the The Help, “It hard!”

Warm Stream

It comes at night and its warmth burns my eyes
as it falls it leaves a mark
when I no longer hear yours but my own breath.
Deep inside no one knows
what I’m feeling, this feeling
what I’m wishing, this wish,
if only it were a dream
wake up to new eyes.
At night when all is dark, I open my eyes
to nothing but a feeling,
the feel of a warm stream
coming down my eyes.