Autumn Speaks

By the fire

To feel your flame fanning my feet. It’s these little moments for which I live. As long as I can do this, it is not so bad that the pages of my calendar have turned to October and the marble floors are a frozen sea. As long as I can do this, let that inevitable cycle go on again and again.

‘Long as I can turn on the heat.

Staring into a volcano; getting lost in my thoughts, wishing it didn’t burn to feel you so close. Like the rain, you make me find words in my head very deep. Our chemistry helps me breathe. Here, nothing matters. My Raynaud’s is forgotten. Just as pumpkin-cinnamon-apple-spice is a cliché, you are worth the repeat.

But I’ll run away. Unfortunately, sometimes, I’ll leave. Nothing’s perfect, you see. Though the moment equals infinity, your flame is short-lived. Promises should be eternal. I’ll be searching for the conditional warmth that your current brings across other unconditional seas.

Bad-Ass Pope

Por favor, nunca se avergüencen de sus tradiciones.

“Never be ashamed of your traditions/roots.”

That was one of Pope Francis’ messages [on immigration] today — one of the many about-time-affirmations he’s made on behalf of the Catholic church.

The main roads and bridges are shut down in Philadelphia due to the Papal visit; I can’t go too far on this Saturday night. I turned on the TV and every channel seemed to be broadcasting the event. People, my mom included, are very excited about the Pope coming to town. So, in the end, I ended up joining the hype.

The funny thing is that, in case you didn’t know, I’m not a religious person at all, even though I was raised Catholic. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t identify a good Samaritan when I see one!

After following random bits of news about the Pope for a while, and watching him today, I can say that Papa Francisco sounds like a hell of a liberal (which I identify with), a realist, and an influential powerful individual. An incredibly passionate advocate of human rights, for sure, and, may I say a funny man?! I really like people who use their power to change the world in a positive way, so I felt inspired to sketch him today.

It won’t change the way I feel about religion, but it truly is nice to see. This world needs more of that, more goodness.

Christian F*cking Grey

Okay, this is the most ridiculous thing ever. I’ve never gotten into a story — and into a fictional character — so much before. Pressured by society, and curiosity, I finally gave in; I bought me a digital copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. And all I can think about now is finishing the book…today.

You see, I have this untreated condition called extremely short attention span and, for something to really, really, REALLY grab my attention that quick…it’s something. I have books from, like, two years ago that I have yet to finish, for goodness sake, and I’m already on chapter 12 of this one. To me, that’s huge.

I hesitated to get it before because: 1) every woman in America (as far as I’m concerned) had read or wanted to read the book and I have this silly habit (stubbornness) of not desiring the common, even if it’s good; and 2) the reviews mentioned that the book was poorly written. I may not be a syntax genius, but I do like a good flow when I read. (I see now that the prose is okay — it’s actually not that terrible.). Besides, one must give her/his fellow writers a chance!

The real action — according to what I’ve heard — hasn’t even started. I mean, I’m not that far in yet, but I am already hooked. As in, sooo hooked. I can’t believe Christian Grey is so…ah, a work of fiction. Anyway, In case you don’t know, the story falls under the erotic romance genre, which is not exactly my thing, or perhaps I didn’t think it could be my thing(?). I’m just as fascinated with Christian Grey as much as Anastasia Steele is. I’m so into it I was reading it at the doctor’s office… (Not recommended.)

I hope to finish the book before this coming weekend, when the film comes out. I don’t want the movie to ruin my reader experience.

(That bike came out kinda nice, huh!) 🙂

His Loss

I must’ve been this little
and I missed him every day.
“Tell me, Mr. God, why do fathers go away?”
The answer wasn’t divine, as the sky empty was.
But Karma visited one day and
said that it was his loss.

Anywhere But Here

Doris Lessing once said that the conditions are always impossible — act now. But sometimes changing your current situation is a little more complicated. It’s one of those when you have to, unfortunately, depend on time. Leave it up to time and it may never happen. Life is a contradiction. It’s messy. And we’re somehow supposed to figure our way around it…’cause one’s got to live!

About the drawing; I have no f*cking clue what I sketched there. haha Just go with it…