Flamenco dress

Still trotting around Spain (Seville right now) and inspired by the traditional Flamenco dresses and accessories that dancers wear. Now I'm thinking that I'll draw the male traditional attire, too. Perhaps even a torero…I love this culture!

Anyway, this is my flamenco-dancing maja and her pretty dress. ¡Olé! 🙂

I Come With Baggage

On my way to Spain.

On my way back from Spain.

I've been busy lately celebrating my birthday and other things. 🙂 it's usually a month-long celebration. But I'm back, and next week I'm heading to Spain!

I wanted to show you all what I have to prepare for because, as much as I keep saying “This time I'll pack lightly,” it never works. This is pretty much what happens when I travel to and from Spain. I come back with more than I can carry and afford. I'm anticipating the same thing to happen this time (being realistic), so wish me luck!

¡Hasta luego!